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IoT Solution

  • The technology and service that connect everything (human, thing, data etc) by internet and produce, collect, share and utilize information.
  • It is composed of sensor, gateway, server, smartphone and provides protocol and security that can be applied to industries.
  • Sensor and gateway use secure hardware adapted to RTOS and firmware.
  • It provides secure and reliable communication channel between gateway and server.
  • It implements end-to-end security applying FIDO standard for authentication and trust between IoT and person.
* IoT : Internet of Things * FIDO : Fast IDentity Online (

Trust Authentication solution

  • It provides biometrics based trust authentication function to on-demand, IoT, enterprise, government solution or service.
  • If you should verify yourself to another person or a thing at on-demand, IoT, enterprise, government solution or service environment, you can verify your biometric information by Highmaru app at your smartphone and send the result to the person or the thing.
  • It can solve the existing problems of user trust method like password, PIN, ID card, pass because it uses biometrics function of his/her smartphone, smart device to authenticate and trust them.
* On-demand business : O2O(Online-to-Offline) business. e.g. Uber, Airbnb,…

Authenticator solution

  • The technology that converts smartphone, smart device to user devices of trust authentication solution or service by porting biometrics based authentication module to them .
  • Trust authentication function can be ported to existing devices like smartphone, smart device because Highmaru provides biometrics solution and trust authentication module.
  • Trust Authenticator complies with FIDO standard so it can be applied to other FIDO standard solution or service immediately.
* Highmaru provides biometric solutions and devices by partnering with biometric solution companies


  • The service that provides each other verification service using biometric function of smartphone. It is very important for on-demand companies to verify their employees to the customers.
  • It can replace the existing method like ID card, pass that can be used to verify the employee and the visitor at offline environment.
  • There is no leakage of personal information because it verifies himself/herself using their biometric information at his/her smartphone and sends the verification result to the person who requested it.


Company information

  • Highmaru is established to make reliable online, on-demand, IoT world and the members consist of experts at embedded programming, PKI, FIDO, security and cloud service platform
  • There are many methods to trust each other at online services but there are limited methods at on-demand, IoT services like ID card, pass. Moreover they are vulnerable authentication and security. So Highmaru provides trust authentication solution and service for person-to-person(on-demand), person-to-thing(IoT) business.

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Member career

  • IoT part consists of members who can develop firmware, app, server, network communication, security so they already started industry IoT project with the big company. The 4th industry revolution would change old factory to smart factory. IoT and security are most important at smart factory. They have the best ability at IoT and security development.
  • Service part has many experiences to build various cloud service platform. So they are preparing global service model based on trust authentication solution for on-demand, IoT business

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Mission and vision

  • Highmaru members established it to make the reliable world based on trust technology.
  • Highmaru provides general and industrial IoT total solution according to 4th industry revolution.
  • Highmaru aims at trust solution and service for person-to-person, person-to-thing beyond the existing authentication and security.
  • Highmaru will be the on-demand, IoT trust platform leader to connect people and things all over the world.

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